Saturday, December 15, 2012

12 Years and Counting..

Living the Dream..

      Today is Ben and my 12th anniversary.  So, like I do every anniversary, when I woke up this morning I reflected on the past 12 years Ben and I have had together as a married couple.  I feel so grateful to be to married to him.  I really could not have imagined being this happy.  It's been the best 12 years of my life..  Then as planned, we eagerly got ready to spend our anniversary working on the house.  The kids all spent the night with their cousins so we were exited to get over to the house and get somethings done without the kids.  As we where getting ready I asked Ben if in the early years this was ever a part of his dream for our future, to buy an acre lot, with a fixer upper house, gut it, renovate it and add on.  To be honest, although I grew up on a farm and always loved growing up that way, because of Ben's career path I don't think the thought of having a fixer upper on an acre lot ever crossed my mind.  I do not know that either of us ever thought it would be possible, in college he studied business and for the first 8 years of our marriage we had to live somewhat close to a big city for his job.  Now that he works from home we just need to be somewhat close to a airport because he travels on occasion, we could really live anywhere.  But, with that being said, this new house is not any further out than where we live right now.  We just lucked out..  Maybe we are crazy because  it is a mess and a ton of work over at the house but, somehow all we see is the potential.  It is so fun!

Here is my inspiration picture...  Our drafter drew up the plans to look just like this house.  .. I can't wait to see it in real life!

It never rains here so, of all days why did it have to rain all day Saturday!!

   We got a lot done but not as much as we had planed because it was so cold and wet; around 50 degrees (I know in other parts of the country that is warm for December, but we are wimps!)  This week we found out we have even more time to get prepared before the real construction starts.  Earlier this week we got our building plans back from the city.  Our contractor said, usually the city will red line the first plans with a few things they want you to do before they give approval to start construction.  He was right, they had a few hoops for us to jump through, some are not cheap either!  But, while we were at it, Ben and I decided we really wanted the drafter to change all the ceilings in the addition to 9 feet (the existing home has 8 foot ceilings throughout).  So, it will take a few days before the plans are ready to be turned in again. Then, after we turn in the plans to the city it will take another 8 working days to get back to us with the final approval to start construction.  With the holidays they will be closed for a few days so that probably puts us somewhere around January.  If we are lucky it will be the first of January before we get approval.  BOO!

The chain link fence and gate is GONE! 

And, I got paid for it's removal.  Before we left for the house I posted the fence and gate on Craigs list for $50.00 with a disclosure that the purchaser had to cut it down and haul it away. The entire fence was welded together with posts that were cemented in the ground.  With in 10 minutes my phone was ringing off the hook and by 11:00 it was paid for and being removed.  I told Ben I think I did not ask enough for it.  He was just thrilled he did not have to cut it down or get rid of it.  .. I think I will look for some more stuff from the house to sell on Craig's list. :-)

Fence gone... 

 All the cottonwood branches and logs were removed..

One nice part about the rain is, the bees were not out.  So, although it was wet, we were able to safely get rid of all the wood from the cottonwood tree.




 A few other things we did..

We finished filling the roll off dumpster today!  As you can see it was getting full but it is now totally filled and ready to be emptied.

 We also, removed the sink, medicine cabinet, lights and toilet from the master bathroom we were demolishing last week.  I was dreading moving the toilet... Yuck!  It was not that bad though.  I flushed it 7 times to make sure there was nothing in the toilet, then turned off the water, soaked up the rest of the water inside the bowel with a sponge, then sored the caulking around the bottom between the floor and toilet, unscrewed the bolts and Ben lifted it off.  The seal under the toilet looked nasty.  Ben scraped it off really easily with a putty knife, we covered the hole with a board and that was it... Granted, Ben did all the dirty work :-)  Now that I know how easy that was, I would never hire a plumber to replace and set a toilet.  And in case anyone is wondering, it did not stink.  I did not put my nose up to the hole but from where I was standing I did not smell anything.  We have another toilet to remove later.  Maybe next time I will take pictures.  

Before we left, the boys (Devon and my two nephews) took out some more sheet rock and studs around the doorway to the bathroom.  I forgot to take pictures.  It is basically just a big mess.  The boys had been waiting all day to smash in some walls and it was getting late, also, there was no more room in the dumpster for anything, so we let them go at it for 30 minutes and then we left.  Stay tuned for more pictures next week.

Around 5:15 we were done and headed on over to the QT to get the kids some hot chocolate for all their hard work.
This is the QT we got hot chocolate at.  Basically, this picture depicts how wet is was today!  All day long.

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