Sunday, December 23, 2012

We have sheep in our back yard!

Odds and Ends... And, we have sheep in our back yard!

This little baby sheep might just be as cute as my little Meash (Amelia)

 A neighbor heard we had fenced and empty pasture so he asked if he could put some of his sheep in it.  Of course we said yes!  There are several brand new baby sheep and they are SO cute!  I just could not help myself, I had to catch one so we could all love on it for a for a few minutes.

The first few weeks we were able to get a lot of things done that made a big difference visually.  Now there is just a bunch of odds and ends and because the trees have dropped there leaves it is a big mess again.  At least we got the grass mowed before the leaves fell it would be even hard to rake!
What is happening inside the house..

Original footprint of the house before we started knocking down walls..

What the it looks like now.  The master closet, all the walls around the master bedroom and the bathroom are gone. Basically gone, we have to jack hammer out the shower floor because it is 6 inches above the rest of the floor.

We removed the soffit above the shower. This room is getting close to being a front room and no longer a master suite.



After we removed the soffit and all the insulation it was open all the way up to the inside of the roof.




  Look below the Picture above was taken from the red X.
We still have to remove the rest of the shower tile off the wall, the shower floor, the tile floor, take out the sheet rock around the bumped out window in the front room (old master bedroom) to get it ready to be bumped out into a full bay window, take out the sheet rock below the old master bathroom window because that will soon be the entrance to the addition.  Ughh the list never ends.  But, we finally have all the wall out so it is a good start. 

The Cargo Box

 I can't believe it but this thing has taken more time than any other project.  We decided not to sell the cargo box but to move it to the back of the lot.  So, Ben spent a good part of the day leveling and setting rail road ties to place it on. Now that that is finished we can move it!  That will not be easy either!  We have to hire someone with a crane and a rig aka big long semi and trailer to move it.  

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