Saturday, December 1, 2012

Ranch House 76

Ranch House 76

This is my dream home... Well, someday it will be.


Front of house
Another view of front of house

View of house from street
Back yard North side of house

Back patio

Back South side yard

Front yard along North drive way

Let the renovation begin!  We just bought a fixer upper!

Day 1

 To start out, we had to put at least one hole in the wall.  Several wall will be coming down!
 Then the real work began.. Amelia and I trimmed the bushes


The Work Crew

Devon, Ben, Kailey and Amelia on top of freight car

View of backyard from top of freight car

Back south side yard

 Ben and Devon worked on the freight train that is on the side yard all day!  You can not tell from the ground but the top was covered in vines.  Now that the top is cleared there is a HUGE pile of vines and the sides around the freight car still need to be cleared.   Probably another days work and enough vines to fill a 40 yard roll off!

Lots and lots of branches were trimmed!

End of week one... There is actually a yard under all those weeds!  And, look at all those beautiful fall colors!

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  1. Whoa! Your ranch home looked better without the bushes! No wonder you fell in love with this place. It’s breathtaking! And I guess it’s a better place to raise your kids.