Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I am 6 months pregnant and am really starting to feel time slipping away too fast.  We have three months till we welcome our baby girl in to this world and there is still so much to do.  It seems every time I am pregnant I take on a big project.  This project tops the cake though.  

It has been so long since I updated this blog.  A ton of things have happened..  I have been so busy that this blog has been severely neglected. 

First things first. We finally moved the big cargo box away from our house and placed it toward the back of our lot.  Here is the crane that moved it.  


Here is where we moved it...

Remember the old Demo foot print..

We did quite a bit more gutting.  My mom, dad, sister Emily and Brother Bryan came into town and oh boy look at the before above and the after below.  Of course, we had a masonry company come in and remove a bunch of exterior brick.  Anyway a ton of gutting happened.  This is what was left of my house after just a couple of days of us all working together.  Notice a big portion of the house is gone in the front where the kitchen used to be.  Not to worry it is being supported by temporary beams.

A final picture of my house before the real demolition started.  It will never look the same again!

You can see we are already getting ready to lay a new foundation so we can bump out the kitchen wall.

 Here are some pictures of the inside of the house. ... Lets start with the kitchen.

Ben took out the brick wall that was attached to the fire place.  That area is going to be the new walk way to get to the kitchen and family room.

 Air handler closet is gone.  Yay!

 We toyed with the idea of saving the wood floors that were glued to the cement.  Finally, we realized it was just not going to work out.  They were nice floors but too many walls were being moved and it would be nearly impossible to match the wood floor perfectly.  My nephew Brenan took out most of the floor.  It was a horrible job!  We tried all sorts of tools to get that flooring up.  The wood floor was only a few years old so the glue was really hard to get up.  The wood would break into a million pieces and in some places there was at least a quarter inch of glue.  After we got the wood off the floor there was still a ton of glue and wood splinters.  So we rented a floor scrapper machine from A to Z rentals.  We bought two blades that we ended up having to sharpen several times.  Luckily we had a grinder to sharpen them with or we would have spent a ton of money on blades.  Brenan pushed the machine along the floor for several hours.  Finally, the glue was all gone.

Here is the kitchen without any walls.  It is just being supported by those temporary beams.
The next day my parents helped us frame some walls.  This is a picture of a wall going up in the kitchen.. The stud wall to the left is new.

 Here is another wall that got framed as well.  It is the south wall of the kitchen facing the laundry room.
 This is the new laundry room hall that leads to the bathroom.
 Another picture taken in the laundry room looking out to the kitchen.
 My mom did a lot of work in this room.  It is small and I know she was dying to finish off at least one one room in the house before she left. 
Still a ton more pictures and things to happen. ... Today they lay the foundation for the additions!  This house is gong to start taking shape quick.  We are all so excited.  It is so fun to watch it evolve.

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