Thursday, January 31, 2013

Foundation and Framing

The foundation is finally laid. 

 This is a huge step!  The foundation has given me anxiety from day one.  It is probably the most important part and nothing else can really happen till the foundation is down.  Plus there are are so many steps that have to be taken before the foundation can even be poured.  The process is such a headache!  Just the drafting of plans, turning them in to the city, getting them back then changing anything they red line then finally getting approval takes forever.  On top of that we had to have engineers test the soil and approve it as suitable for building (fyi anything that has engineering attached to the title is usually VERY expensive)  That whole process I just explained took us around 3 months.  Then there are inspections.  Tuesday we passed the city footings inspection by the skin of our teeth.  We failed the first one last Thursday because our concrete guy did not dig the footings deep enough.  The inspection was in the afternoon so there was not enough time to dig out all the footings and schedule another inspection for Friday.  Then it rained all weekend... Ughh!  The rain totally put a wrench in our schedule.  By Monday there was water everywhere and some of the footings were washed out.  More digging!  On Tuesday when we had the inspection one 13 foot footing was still too shallow.  Gurr!! People do your job right! Luckily several sub contractors were on site so everyone grabbed a shovel and the inspector waited for us to get it dug to the proper depth.   It feel like I have been waiting for this for ever.. Just knowing we were going to get the foundation laid the next morning was so exciting I could not sleep! 

Here is a picture of the footings all ready to be poured
 Cement work is a hard trade.  These guys were at my house working the cement and smoothing it out for a good 12 hours.


In this picture the cement is still newly poured.

This entry way leads to the future hall in my addition

Today framing started going up! Tomorrow the masons are going to start laying the brick/block walls at the front of the house.  

 The trusses are going to be here next week.  Hopefully the outside will be all framed by the end of next week and the trusses will start going up late next week.

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  1. I have LOVED watching this process from such close proximity! I think I am only slightly less excited than you.....All your hard work is going to pay off, and I can't WAIT to have you as my neighbor!