Sunday, February 24, 2013

Work, Work and More Work ..

This week at the Ranch House we were pleasantly surprised to find this tree in full bloom.

Building and renovating a 36 year old house is TON of work.  I love it though!  Growing up, my parents built the first house I remember living in, then they added on to it when I was in grade school.  I remember pulling the nails out of the tar paper on the top of roof so my parents could add on a second story, and hammering nails into studs, cleaning up drywall.  It was so fun to see the house evolve!  Then when I was 11 my parents sold that house.  We only moved maybe a quarter of a mile down the road but it was so hard!  Moving almost felt like losing a loved one.  My parents pretty much built the whole thing by them selfs and we kids probably were not as much help as we thought but we all cherished the memories and the time we put into that house.  The next house we lived in was my grandparents farm house.  It was a lot bigger and a nice house but it was due for a and makeover.  So, shortly after we moved into that house we got to work on renovating it.

My right hand girl...

Amelia, is often on site with me.  Thanks to me, she has probably watched way too many DIY shows on HGTV and has an unrealistic perspective of real life renovation and home building.  She is more of a back seat driver. ..  Back before we had hired anyone to come work on the house and Ben and I were doing all the demolition our selfs she told me most people do not work on their own house, we just need to "find" the guy from property brothers and he will come out and build our house.   Now that we have hired people to work on the house she thinks things should be moving quicker and is not afraid to tell the workers to get to work.  Last week she asked my plumber what he was doing and after he gave her a very quick vague answer she told him he had a ton to do so he needed to start working harder.  Four year olds are the best!

The walls are going up..

Block walls going up
The exterior block walls are finished ...
 Here is the back yard.. It is a huge mess!  Hopefully things will start moving quick and the transformation will be apparent soon.  The new framing in the picture below is the location of my master bedroom.  The existing home under the patio is shored up because we are getting ready to take out that wall and instal a huge beam so we can put in two pairs of french doors that will exit from the soon to be dining room to the patio.

This is another view of the back of the house.  It is so nice to finally see the trusses up!
Now that the block wall in the kitchen is up we were able to take down all the temporary supports.

Below is a picture of just one of many scary wires my electrician found in the attic.  There are a lot of things homeowners can do and learn how to do with time and practice.  Maybe doing your own wiring is not a good idea.  The picture below is not an extension cord.  It is a makeshift cord that was plugged into some random uninsulated outlet in my attic that connected to other electrical junctions.  This is a huge fire hazard!  He also found wires that were just cut, not taped off or anything, also ones that were cut and taped off with masking tape (that tape is a paper product and can catch fire!!).  We were not planing on rewiring the entire house but, because of the wiring mess in the attic my electrician ended up pulling nearly all the old wires.  I am just so glad we are getting it all fixed!..  A house down the street for the Ranch House burnt down from an electrical fire in the attic.  I will rest easier once we move in knowing that the wiring throughout my house is all new and up to code.

Things are definitely happening at the Ranch House.  It is fun to look back and see where we came from.  Sometimes it seems like this process is moving at a snails pace.

This week I ordered all the plumbing trim and the bath tub.

Here is what I got for my faucets.  I had to get a wall mount faucet because my vanity is an antique buffet that I am turning into a double sink vanity and it is a little too narrow to mount a faucet and sink.

Here is a picture of the antique buffet.  I found it on Craigls list.  I need to do a little work to it.  Like, put marble on the top, mount the sinks and paint it but all in all it is in great shape!

Here is what my bathtub looks like... I am so excited about it!

I ordered the plumbing trim from Farnsworth wholesale.  A store I did not know existed till recently.    And I got my a brand new acrylic claw-foot bathtub for $600.00  from a consignment store in downtown Phoenix called Desert Wholesale.  $600.00 is a steal!  Desert wholesale has tons of stuff, faucets, sinks, toilets, tools, tile, granite and marble slabs and much much more, for way below retail price.

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  1. I am up looking at blogs and found yours. I love seeing the transformation! Aunt M