Thursday, March 21, 2013

In the thick of construction

Come take a tour of our house!!

Here are a few pictures of what has taken place over the last few weeks...

Video part 1

Here is a video of what the house looks like right now. ... I am having a hard time making it bigger. Hopefully the video is not too small.

Here is my sad house with no gables.

The start of the bay window addition and double gable..

I knew exactly how I wanted this gable to look.  So I took my measurements and design to the truss engineer at R and K.  It was so fun!  Tom, over at R and K sat me down in a chair next to him.  He let me watch as he entered in all the measurements and design on his computer so I could make sure the truss was built to scale.  That day he had it built super quick and by the next morning it was delivered to my house and my framers were putting it up.

The ceilings on the existing home are only 8 feet tall and on the addition they are 9 feet tall.  So the brick on the existing home only goes up 8 feet where as on the addition it goes up 9 feet.  You can kind of see from the picture below the brick on the bay window wall is different from the addition wall.  Anyway, this caused a problem in my gable design because the gables on the bay window were going to end one foot above the brick.  That would look silly.  I want my house to have character but not look like a hodge podge addition.  My solution, add a 12 inch detail at the bottom of the gables over the bay window to disguise the different brick heights.  It is not finished but I think it is going to turn out beautiful.

The back of the house ..

The existing home has a really nice patio that extends out 12 feet beyond the house.  So on the addition we continued the patio across.   In less than a day the framers had the whole thing up and merged the two patios (the new and the old) so they come together perfectly.

 Ahh the bay window.  
 Bay windows are so beautiful but so much work and thinking goes into them to make them beautiful.  There are so many angles!  And, I am really particular about how I want it to look.  The framers framed in the outside but I did not want them to frame in the roof because I wanted it done a certain way.  So, Ben and I built the frame for the roof.

 The inside of the house..

 We totally changed the entry way of this house.   The front room is completely opened up.  There used to be a big block wall and a front room that cut in to the entry way.  We took out 3 feet of block and moved the front door is now 3 to 4 feet out.

 This used to be a 6 foot wide by 4 foot tall window opening.  Now it is a huge 13 foot opening that will house two 6 foot wide by 7 foot tall french doors.


  1. You are my HERO and I can't wait until we can actually get inside and start doing some more exciting things! I'm so happy we are going to be neighbors, and I LOVE everything you have done to your new house!! It's going to be gorgeous!

    1. No Jill, you are my HERO! I am just crazy! I am so excited to be your neighbor very soon. Thanks for being my biggest cheerleader!

  2. Hi Melanie. Lara said I had to check out your farmhouse project. What a vision! It's going to be beautiful! Say hi to Ben. Jack still talks about Devon. Fun to see the progress and can't wait to see the end result.

    1. Thanks Matt! Devon still talks about Jack too. Are you guys going to come back to AZ? We will look for an acre lot with an old fixer upper that you guys can renovate. Then we can be neighbors again. I hope you guys are doing good and all is going well with Lara and her pregnancy. Tell Lara and the Kids we said hi. If you guys are ever in town please come say hi.