Monday, May 13, 2013

Welcoming a new baby!

I don't know if it is just me or something that is felt by all but, I love the peaceful silence right before a baby is born.  I am always so excited to finally see the and hold the new baby that has become a part of me and that I feel I already know so well...  In those moments right before every second seems like a minute as I wait for that baby to cry and take its first breath.  And the vale, it is so very close, then the sudden burst of crying from the child as it is born into this world.  It takes my breath away every time.

With it being Mother's day I can't help but be filled with gratitude and love for the children I have been blessed with, my husband and all the many Wonderful mothers and grandmothers in my life.

It has been a long time since I have written on this blog.. A lot has happened in our family and with the house.  Another special day, Kailey turned 8 and got baptized, we had a baby, Devon turned 10 and we are still working on our house!

We are getting really close though!  And ready or not we found renters for our current home so we will be out by May 30th.  And, I am not supposed to sweep, vacuum or lift anything for 5 more weeks.  Yikes!  Please say a little prayer for us cause we might need a small miracle.  But, I believe in Miracles and have experienced so many along the way some how I just know this is all going to work out.

A week before Annie was born I began having contractions.  My pregnancies are high risk and because of complications I had when I was pregnant with Kailey it could be really dangerous if I went into labor.  I have to have c-sections.  And, it is a miracle I was able to do so much work on the house without going into labor.  That morning I texted my mom to let her know I did not think I was going to make it to my due date.  I told her I would probably be fine and to just leave her flight as it was but I just wanted to let her know.  Well mothers have a special undeniable intuition when it comes to their children.  By the time I spoke with her she had already changed her flight and was going to be at my house the next evening.  I actually made it to my due date but, what my mom did for me I would never ever been able to do with out her.  She helped us build a little house around the water heater that we moved outside (btw she did most of the work and it looks so great!!), she tiled my master bathroom floor, the hall bathroom floor, put up trim,  cleaned the house,  helped me pick out tile for the hall shower, put up cement board, fixed stuff.  Watched my kids the two days I was in the hospital. The list goes on and on.  She is amazing.  Then my dad came and even more work got done.  He and Ben set doors, cut and installed baseboards and door trim, graded the front and back yard and set pipe for drains around the house.  

After c-sections I usually feel so horrible for  a week or two.  But, there is no time to feel horrible.  I definitely feel so blessed to have such great health.   And Annie is such a calm sweet baby.  Most of the time when I have a baby my mom comes and Ben takes a few days off to help out.  I had both my mom and my husband this time and I sent them away to work on the house.  We had a huge list of things that needed to be completed over at the ranch house so they went to the ranch house and worked and I got to stay home with the kids.  Actually, it was a nice change.  So often over the last 3 months I have had to get to Ranch house so early to meet up with contractors I was gone before they woke up and sometimes I would be gone so late I was not home when they got home from school either.

 Here are some fun pictures of our progress!
 The hall


 Me and Annie visited several times last week.  It was so fun to see all that my mom, Ben and my dad were getting done.

Master Bath
 My mom tiled the floor.. Isn't she amazing?!?

 We are just waiting on the marble that is being cut to go in the shower entry way.  This week we are painting the vanity and hopefully we will get a counter top installed soon and Ben is grouting the floor.


 The cabinets arrived!

 My floor getting laid.  I love my kitchen tile!!

We ordered the counter tops last week, hopefully they will get installed next week.  After the counter tops go in the last of the cabinets can be installed and the trim.  I can't wait to see the final result!
The wood floors
 Can I just say the floors have been a nightmare from the beginning and I am so glad it is over..  First of all there was glued down wood floor in most of the house then, when we started renovation it became apparent pretty quick that the floor would not be salvageableSo we had to scrape up about 2000 square feet of floor.  Pulling up wood floor is super hard work!  Second of all the ranch house has had several different renovations and additions over the years.  The concrete sub floor was in rough shape!  There was all sorts of high and low spots.  It was horrible.  With wood floor your sub floor has to be perfectly level.  Before the floor was laid my dad and Ben spent a day grinding cement and pouring floor leveling cement.  Then after they were all done the flooring guys still had to grind even more cement to get it level.  Some places were ground down 1/2 inch! 

Below is Annie's room.  We wanted to keep the original floor in this room and it would have been perfectly fine except shortly after we demoed the roof to put on the addition it rained and got the floor wet by the window and the door way.  Several weeks later I moped the floor and polished it to see if I could get it back to its' original beauty.   Unfortunately the wood by the window and door was water damaged so Ben and I tore up the bad parts and since we only had a few pieces of the original floor in a box that the previous owners had left be hind we had to scrape off the glue of like 15 pieces that we saved when we were demoing the wood floors.   It was a big pain but it saved us a ton of money because the floor is fixed and we did not have to put all new flooring down.


Front of house

Windows about to go in...

 Such a difference with the windows and doors!
 Siding going up in the first gable..

 Back of house
What a mess!

While my parents were visiting we rented a tractor and my dad among many other things, graded our yard.  The kids all got to ride on the tractor.  

I need to take more pictures of the back yard. I don't have any updated ones of the back of the house. :-)

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