Friday, November 29, 2013

Final Master bathroom fixtures

A couple of months a go my dear friend and neighbor Jill went to a swap meet in California.  I had been looking for the perfect chandelier for over my claw foot tub with no luck for some time, so knowing that she has awesome taste I gave her 100 bucks and said, if you see something get it for me please.  And this is what she came back with!  I was a little scared..  But, this baby was all mine and I LOVE fixing up old stuff.  So I got to work pronto! 

I took rest of the crystals off. There were over 800 of them!

I like gold and real brass is awesome but this little chandler is not real brass.  It was like a shiny orangish yellow fake brass. So I spray painted the body bronze rewired it because the wire was in bad shape, then washed every single crystal.  In the process I found out you are supposed to wash your crystals yearly.  I don't look forward to that!  It took several hours to wash and rehang all the crystals.  But, they are super sparkly now

I cannot get a good picture that does that chandelier any justice.  In real life it is beautiful.  When the light is on it is gorgeous.  It is so sparkly it reminds me of a Christmas tree.  I feel like it is  Christmas in my bathroom all year!! 

More pictures of the Master bathroom.  

I am really happy with how it turned out!!


  1. Melanie, I love it! I have a little light envy. Jill has GREAT taste. And I love your bedding. What is the name of the duvet cover at Ikea? I looked but it may be out now. That is what I want my master to look like. Calm and serene, since normal life isn't calm or serene! Thanks for all the pics! I need to stop by again soon to see it all in person. Cheryl

    1. Cheryl, thank you! And yes you need to come out again. The duvet is called Linblomma from Ikea. They still sale it but only in white linen now. Boo! I hate it when they stop Selling a color or even worse than entire line.