Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The most finished room in my house..

We get asked quite frequently, "So is your house done"  I don't know how to answer that question.  Everything is up to code, painted, all the flooring is in, the lights are installed, all the plumbing is finished and we passed our final inspection end of July first of August.  We do have a few projects we would like to finish in the next few months for example, my husbands office currently has no doors, the bay window is awaiting a window seat and our kitchen needs a backsplash.   Down the road we (maybe more I) would like to redo the laundry room and powder bath and while we are at it, cut in some  bigger windows in the family room and replace all the single pane windows with energy efficient ones.

Master bath inspiration photo

sorry it is blurry :-(

Last week we had a baby shower here for a friend and as we were preparing I told my husband we should hold it in the master bathroom.  It currently is the nicest and most finished room in the house.

Here are some pictures of the progress of our master bathroom...

More old wood floors going up on the walls

Unfortunately this is how our bathroom looked for quite a few weeks.  It was a HUGE mess!!  Just keeping it real.

Do you see the problem?!?  The drain is in the wrong spot.  Bummer!

 Ha Ha.  On this day it was exactly 6 weeks after Annie was born and for some reason I was so excited to finally get to work... Ahem .. with out guilt.  You know how it is when enough is enough and you just cant handle the way things are anymore so you all of a sudden have this renewed energy to do something about it.  Well, that was that day for me!

Ground out grout between the tiles...

Took out tiles.  (I like to work barefoot :-)  Ha ha )

Hammer drilled out the concrete

Added new black pipe and attached tub drain

Wrapped the black pipe with a foam protectant and filled the hole with concrete.  And yay it is done!

Pipe compound and teflon tape cant do any plumbing without it!

Shower Love

I love this shower!  The tile turned out beautiful and it is pretty big without being too big. 

Trim going up!

More tile work!

More to come ...


  1. beautiful bathroom. can you come over and remodel mine. It needs it!

    1. Thanks Kay! If it meant I could spend some time with you I would love to come over and remodel your bathroom! Too bad you live so far away. :-(