Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A new headboard and a new house..

A new headboard for our bedroom..

A year ago we had just about out grown our starter home and had been on the search for a new house for at least a year.  With no luck might I add!  I loved our house though, I thought I could stay there forever. .. Personally, I just really wanted a new headboard.  I had been on the search for a new one well over a year!  Our old headboard was purchased when we were first married 10+ years earlier.  It was metal, cheaply made, I don't even know what style I would classify it as.  It was kind of ugly.  I found this one on Restoration Hardware and I loved it!  But, it was a little more than I wanted to pay so I found one for $25.00 on craigslist.  

Pretty cute huh!?  I love the curves.  It is solid wood, and the outer molding is SO pretty.  It was way too short though, my mattress is SUPPER tall, yes, I could have just hung it on the wall like a picture frame but I really wanted the wood legs to go all the way to the floor just like the bed from Restoration Hardware.  AND, I really wanted it upholstered.  After about a week of sitting in front of it and staring I still did not know how I was going to make it work.  So I hung it up on a wall in our garage and there it sat for a good 4 months.    Every time I went into the garage I saw it.  I HATE an unfinished project!  It would torment me everyday.  Finally I had had it with that frame!  I was either going to destroy it or make something out of it!  I was scheduled to host club project sisters at my house in September and I really wanted to have the frame ready to upholster.  So I got to work.  I cut out the entire center of the headboard and saved the top and bottom. 

Then I made a rabbit joint with my table saw

I purchased two 3 foot long 3 inch by 3 inch blocks of poplar wood To make the middle a lot tallerTo. (They actually cost more than my Craigs list headboard.. go figure) This part is kind of complicated.. I used my router and table along with several different bits to match the profile of the existing headboard.  I made a little ledge in the wood for the upholstery staples then jointed the old with the new (rabbit joint) and somehow it all came together like it was made that way. .. I guess it was just meant to be.  I am still surprised it worked out so good!  

Below is the frame with a new wood backing (ready to be upholstered) and a new wood finish.  I LOVE the finish!  My good friends Cara and Gabrelle from our club project sisters group helped me with this part.  I have no idea what they did but it turned out amazing.   

Then we adhered the 2 inch foam to the wood backing with a spray adhesive. 

After the batting (Dacron) was stapled on to the frame (the Dacron helps to mold and squish the foam tight so the fabric has a nice smooth surface for upholstering) Jill and Cara trimmed the excess fabric away in preparation for the welting.  

Once the fabric is all trimmed it was ready for the welting.  Welting is just put on with a hot glue gun. 

The Final Product!

That day we all worked on several things around my house.  We incased a window, Minda made some roman shades for the bay window Ben and I had just finished trimming out with board and batten, and we also finished a few other small projects I had laying around the house.  It was a very productive day.   (Everyone should have a project group or buddy ;-) If you want to read more about club project sisters go to meandjilly@blogspot.com)  
After 6 years at that house it was finally starting to feel like home.  As we were cleaning up I begrudging mentioned Ben and I were on the look out for a house in our neighborhood with a basement.   Everyone agreed they would let me know if they heard of anything and that is as far as I though it would go. ... Till Jill called me maybe and hour after everyone had left to let me know there is a house in HER neighborhood that is going on the market maybe tomorrow.  She says, "It is full of potential and probably right up your alley. . "

Here is a view of the house from the road ... YEP! Lots of potential!

A better look... Not a better view but a better look ;-)

It is our one year anniversary of owning the Ranch House!  Anniversaries are a time to remember and reflect so I have been thinking a lot about how our life has changed over the last 12 month.  One year ago today I was three months pregnant with Annie and we closed on this beautiful place we now call home.  We had exactly 6 months to renovate and add on before Annie was born.  Really though, we only had 5 because it took over a month to get all the permits approved from the city.  Wow! It was a crazy ride.  If you are curious, keep checking back.  I will be posting lots of before and afters of the ranch house this week.  Some of them are unbelievable!

One last photo of the headboard!