Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Before and After Part One


Before vs After.. 

The following are some drawings I made on PhotoShop to reflect the progress of renovation to completion.  These drawings are only of the existing house.  The addition is just off the newly converted formal living room (Sorry bout the bad photo shop computer drawings.  I think you will get the picture though ;-])

Before Demo

After Demo

The load bearing walls are the east and west exterior walls.  After demo a lot the load bering walls are gone! At this point a lot of the roof was being supported by temporary supports and beams.

Final renovation footprint

Everything red is new!

Before Pictures...

The above is a picture of the house from the road.  My husband was out of town when I saw the house.  This is one of the pictures I sent him.  I actually saw the house and put in an offer (with his approval) while he was gone!  I still cannot believe he wanted to buy this house.  But so glad he did!

In the thick of it!

One more before picture for the full effect.


 The grading was SO bad we had to take out 7 loads of dirt so the rain water would not rush to the front door of the house!  We took out everything in the island and dug out a nice size retention so all the water now goes to the island.  Phew!! No more digging trenches in the middle of the night to divert water away from the house!


Such an improvement! 

 Notice: In the picture below see how the exterior wall used to jig jog in a couple of time.

Now the wall is straight.  We bumped it out to add square footage to the Kitchen and pantry.

The garage is not really a garage!  Somewhere along the way one of the prior owners turned it into a mother in law apartment.    They raised the floor 4 inches with concrete. :-(  It has blond laminate floors and is plumbed to be a living space but all the lighting and plumbing fixtures were removed.  Eventually we hope to turn it back into a garage.  When we do we are going to change the entrance to face the road and turn the original openings to be windows maybe french doors.  Right now it is a nice big multi purpose room.  . . . It is kind of a clutter magnet.  It never stays empty for long!  We are excited to get it cleaned out for good and start using it for a gym.  I am excited to start teaching Pilates again!  It is also a great space for working on projects ;-)

Future plans

Landscaping Yay!! We hope to get the landscaping started this spring.  No promises though.  For now it is so nice to just relax and do little projects that only take a day or two ;-). We just got the landscape plan back from our drafter. We are doing mostly grass with a few small gardens along the house and the road.

So, tell me what ya think.  I would love to hear your thoughts.  Have you been renovating?  If you have a blog or an instagram account I want to follow you!  Maybe I can get my renovation fix by watching your renovation ;-)  

And this is what my back yard used to look like.  Sorry, you have to wait till tomorrow to see the After.


  1. It's all SO beautiful Melanie. You guys have done an amazing job!!!

  2. All of your hard work has paid off. Well done! With a baby no less. You have great style. Can you tell me where you got the large grey planters by your front door? thanks!

    1. Thank you! I got the planters from JoAnn's a few years ago in the spring. The year I bought them they had a ton but only between, I want to say, February and May.