Saturday, February 1, 2014

Kitchen progress.. the before but not quite the after ...

This Kitchen post has taken me forever to write!  Part of it is because I am a perfectionist.  Not that anything in my house is perfect.  But, there are just a few things that are not finished in the kitchen AND it bugs me so bad.  But, I don't have the time for it right now and to be quite honest the budget is being used somewhere else.  Ahem.. the wall in the front room!! If you follow me on instagram you know the all the dry wall on one of the walls in the front room and part of the dining room was recently removed because it was crooked and is now back up but very straight AND my husband desperately needs some doors for his office because he works from home except for when he travels all the time and is tired of taking all his calls outside even though it is nice outside and we could not put doors up till the wall was straight and I of course wanted to add a few extra things to the project that my husband did not know about till he got home from his trip, I was probably in the dog house for the weekend blah, blah, blah. Whew that was a long sentence!  The other part is that there is just so much to say about the kitchen.  I think kitchens so are emotional!  This one was anyway.  It is where we spend 90% of our family time together.  I wanted this room to be exactly as I envisioned.  It is getting there but there was a while I would not even walk past our kitchen I was so mad at it!!  But we have made up and now we love each other. So I will share her with you.  Because there is still more to do, back splash, curtains a little more window trim.. this is not going to be the final after kitchen post.  However, I really need to post the progress because I love to look back at progress!  So here goes..

This is a photo I took with my phone the day I went to see the house for the first time.  I wish now I would have gone back and taken some better pictures with my camera but hey, it is better than nothing!

Photo bomb! Right before the boys (my husband and nephew) took out the rest of the cabinets I hurried and took this photo!  Of course these guys do not want to pose for a photo nor to do they EVER want to get out of the photo so I can take a better picture!!





Oh hey Brennan!  Yep, don't mind me just taking a picture! :-)


 Here is some of the during... It was such a mess.  There was definitely a moment I thought I sure hope this works out!?!

 In the picture above and below, can you see where we took out the wall that divided the laundry room (it is the area where you see the old original back door with the lattice windows) from the kitchen.  We added a little shoe, coat niche to the right of that door as you walk in.  Then, because we did not want the bathroom door right next to the kitchen table we extended the wall the rest of the way across so the bathroom would be more private. 
Now looking in the opposite direction... The air handler or sometimes called the mechanical closet was in that little framed in area that still has dry wall in the picture below.  We wanted to turn that area into a pantry so we had our HVAC contractor put the air handler in the attic to free up the space. 
 The picture below shows the extent of demo that was done to the the kitchen.  Most of the load baring East wall in the kitchen (hence the beams holding the celling up) were removed and then even beyond that all the way past the front door so we could make the pantry a lot bigger and the front entry way bigger and more open. 
Here is the after...

That is not my pantry ^^ Love the ladder!!
 Or this one ^^
Or that one.. ^^^ Wouldn't it be so great to have a sink in your pantry!?  I love that idea!  I would hook the reverse osmosis system up to it. We want an RO.  Right now we buy bottled watter.  I just cannot bring my self to have an RO spout drilled in to my soap stone counter tops.   

This is my pantry. 
It is not very fancy or organized but you know, it has potential and is huge compared to my old hardly even a closet pantry.    

Just a few more pictures of the kitchen..

Here are some pictures of the cabinets up close..
 I love these cabinets with the appliance garage below.
 It is so nice the outlets are inside the appliance garage and my handy toaster and ugly bosh mixer are used frequently but hardly ever seen!

 Well, that is it!  I hope you enjoyed the tour!  If you would like to leave a comment please feel free to tell me what you think!  Also, I am in search of the perfect pendant lights for over my island.  A couple of weeks ago I bought some from restoration hardware.  I did not want anything that would compete with the copper hood but these, although very cute, were way too small.  If you have seen the perfect pendants island I love suggestions!
^^ FYI this is what I ordered.   I am going to hold them up one more time tomorrow before I return them but I think they are just a tad too small. 


  1. Melanie this post is delightful! I am blown away by the changes and the beauty of this kitchen. Way to go! I'm going to become a follower...

  2. These are GREAT before and after pictures! SO, SO, SO much work has gone into this space and I know there have been so many times when you have been upset about the things that haven't turned out quite as you hoped. But, it's all coming together beautifully and all your hard work and dedication is paying off big time now! Looks really great and I know the finishing touches will just be the icing on the cake! It's been lots of fun for me to live so close and be able to see the steady progress...... you're flat out amazing!

  3. What about a copper pendant that could complement the hood? I absolutely love this collection of copper lighting:

    Or maybe a clear glass schoolhouse with black stripes? That way the light fixture would be airy and open, but also coordinate with your dining room chandelier. Maybe something like this guy:

    - Anna

  4. I came across your blog today. Who did your kitchen cabinets?

  5. I love your home. We are remodeling right now and I have to pick out a classic paint color and have about 2 hours to do it. I was wondering what paint color you used on your walls?

    1. Hi Sarah, thank you so much for your kind comment! Our wall color is a Lowe's Historical color called Woodrow Willson Putty. We had the paint mixed at a professional paint store called Dunn Edwards and we did an eggshell sheen. Good luck on your renovation!


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