Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Chandelier Love

Has it really been almost 3 months since I wrote a blog post.  REALLY?! Where does the time go?  I had every intension of posing this ages ago.  Along with several other posts.  I have a TON of catching up to do.  So much has happened.  Bear with me, hopefully I can get a little caught up here.  

Restoration Hardware currently has a beautiful wooden chandelier that I have had my eye on for a long time.  And it would have looked so pretty in my Kitchen.  But, $1100 is kinda pushing the budget.  So, I improvised and found one on Craig's list.  Aaaaaaand chandelier's are like my favorite to refinish.  They are smaller than a piece of furniture, so usually take less time and if done tastefully they can add so much drama and interest (and light) to a space. .. Unfortunately this is not exactly how I found our chandelier ... 


The picture below is what our chandler looked like when I found it.  Have you ever driven a long way for a Craig's list item and when you got there it might not have been exactly what you envisioned but because of the inconvenience and time you already spent driving the distance it only seemed logical you should come back home with something?  Well this was probably one of those times.  And I think I spent more than I should have.  It was $80.00.  But I bought it in a very poor part of Pheonix from a young college student. I should of offered a lot less but she needed the money so I could not bring my self to offer her one dollar less.   

Yep it was pretty ugly!  This chandelier took a little bit of brain storming.  However, I could tell it had good bones...  I just did not know where to start.  I think I stared at it every night for a week or two before I went to bed.  Finally I just took the whole thing apart hoping after I striped off all the yucky yellow/orange stain some inspiration would come.   I really had to call on the creative juices for this one.   

To get the polyurethane and stain off I poured a bunch of paint stripper into a tub and let the wooden pieces sit in paint stripper for 15 minutes.  I then scrubbed each piece with a course plastic brush.  Then rinsed them off with watter and used a wet dry sanding block to get the rest of the polyurethane and stain off.  Some pieces were a little more stubborn.  For those pieces I poured Turpentine into a basin and let them soak for a few minutes then scrubbed and rinsed with water.   Turpentine and paint stripper are very strong stinky chemicals.  I used a really good mask for gas fumes and heavy duty gloves.

Fortunately all the stain and polyurethane came off nicely.  I love the natural color of this wooden chandelier! I decided to not put the horizontal spindles back on so I had to rework the structure just a little.  To fill the void in the center I cut a piece of wood off the spindle I no longer was using and wrapped it in some jute rope. 

And this is how it turned out.  I love, love, love this chandelier.  I had my doubts and it was a bit of a labor of love but it is completely original and is the perfect piece for our kitchen.  Have you ever redone a chandelier?  If you haven't you should try it!  Definitely my favorite thing to refinish!  Speaking of chandeliers I still have not replaced my chandler over our dining room table.  I de-crystallized it and took the shades off.  It's not perfect but it looks a ton better.   I received so many great suggestions for chandeliers.  However, last week I was watching a show on HGTV that had a chandelier that would be absolutely perfect and so easy to build.   I cant wait to build it...  Sometime this year ... or maybe next year ... or in 10 years (at the rate I am finishing projects around here)

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